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 "How to Journey Effectively"

Free Online Class Series


This seven-part free online Journey Class gives important guidelines

for experiencing clear and profound Shamanic Journeys.

Here's an overview of the class lessons:


A Clear Approach to the Shamanic Journey

Preparing to have a Journey

Experiencing the Journey Process

Reasons Journeys Don't Happen

Relationship with your Spirit Helpers

Connections Beyond the Journey

Final Thoughts


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Shamanic Articles:


Where to Start

About Spirit Helpers

Shamanic Journeying

About Wisdom Guidance

About Soul Retrieval

Books to Read

About Chris Davidson



Being Mentored by your Spirit Helper

Your Helper as Expert Spiritual Trainer and Life Mentor




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Understanding the Communication Style of Spirit Helpers

Teleclass with Chris Davidson





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 Understanding Spirit Helpers II

Five Mistakes we often make when

interacting with our Spirit Helpers





Staying Away from Toxic Spirits

Teleclass with Chris Davidson



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How I learned the Spirit Helpers are Real

3 minute excerpt







Soul of Shamanism

Teleclass with Chris Davidson


30 minute excerpt

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Conversation with Chris Davidson


6 minute excerpt





About Distance Shamanic Sessions:

There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance shamanic sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of physical appearance and energy. It is important to have privacy for your session and to schedule at least 15 minutes to relax and prepare. A time for integration afterward is also important. A telephone headset is a good idea if you happen to have one, but not crucial for single sessions or short series. The Plantronics M175 headset is recommended as many are not good quality. Please note that Blue Tooth headsets as well as speaker telephones do not carry the energetic qualities needed for this work.

After you've explored the different information and associated costs on the website you're welcome to schedule a 15-minute telephone conversation with Chris Davidson to see if this work feels right for you (please note that this cannot be a shamanic session, which requires formal preparation).




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